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M5 Textiles Organic and Fair Trade Beliefs

We understand that our industry, like any other, has a duty to pollute less and take greater care of our planet. Unfortunately in the past the textile industry has been dogged by environmental criticisms for not only being wasteful but also harmful to the planet, we can’t guarantee that these practices have been eradicated across the industry but we can guarantee that M5 Textiles is doing it’s very best to change the industry that we work in. Over the past five years, we have increased our use of organic t-shirts and garments by over 400%. Whenever possible, and in collaboration with our clients, we will always offer an organic option.

Carbon Neutral

In the past 12 months M5 Textiles has sourced a range of Organic Carbon Neutral Fair Trade garments, this range includes male and female t-shirts, hoodies and sweats as well as tote bags, these are some of the most exciting products to come out of the industry in many years and we hope to grow the range considerably in the coming years.

Fair Trade

M5 Textiles adhere to strict standards of safe and fair employment practices including health and safety, discrimination, working hours and forced or under age labour. This aspect of the policy extends to our suppliers and we aim to trade only with companies who have successfully addressed these issues.

Every little helps

We also only supply garments that meet with the Oeko-Tex standard and use inks that are lead free.  We recycle all cardboard, paper and polythene waste, and any ink waste is safely removed by accredited contractors. We realise that we are only a small part of the solution but hope that one day the whole textile industry will be doing its bit to help our environment.


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